Frankenstein – Event

Victor Frankenstein and Henry Clerval go to Ingolstadt University.

Frankenstein and his childhood friend, Clerval go to university in Germany to study chemistry. At the beginning, Frankenstein feels pretty lonely and that he has to fend for himself while he is there. “I, who had ever been surrounded by amiable companions, continually engaged in endeavouring to bestow mutual pleasure—I was now alone. In the university whither I was going I must form my own friends and be my own protector.” Further into his time at the university he becomes much more involved in the studies and grows into more of a leader figure to his peers. “I attended the lectures and cultivated the acquaintance of the men of science of the university.” He was no longer alone in the university and he felt much more comfortable. He began to get really good at what he was studying, being chemistry and would’ve looked like a really outstanding student to his peers and lecturers. “I, who continually sought the attainment of one object of pursuit and was solely wrapped up in this, improved so rapidly that at the end of two years I made some discoveries in the improvement of some chemical instruments, which procured me great esteem and admiration at the university.”

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